1938 Buick Y-Job


# of Items/Case: 6
Item No: AMM1120

The Buick Y-Job was the American auto industry’s first concept car, produced by Buick in 1938. Designed by Harley Earl, the car had power-operated hidden headlamps, a distinctive “gunsight” hood ornament, electric windows, wraparound bumpers, flush door handles, and many styling cues used by Buick until the 1950s, including and the vertical waterfall grille design still used by Buick today.

The “Y” in the name has two explanations: 1) All experimental cars were called “X”, so Earl simply went to the next letter in the alphabet. 2) The “Y” designation was selected by Earl because it was used extensively in the aviation industry denoting the most advanced prototypes.

Chances are that you’ve never seen or heard of the Buick Y-Job, but there’s a little piece of this beautiful 1938 Buick concept vehicle in every one of today’s automobiles.


  • Gloss Black Paint
  • Opening Doors, Hood & Trunk
  • Detailed Engine
  • Steerable Front Wheels
  • Accurate Interior & Chassis
  • Heavyweight Die-Cast Metal