1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible (60th Anniversary) (Black Roof)


# of Items/Case: 6
Item No: AMM1098
UPC: 8-49398-01359-5


It’s been 60 years since Ford introduced the 1957 Thunderbird. It’s arguably one of the most beautiful cars to roll off Ford’s assembly line. The first-generation Thunderbird was actually marketed as “personal luxury” rather than a sporty 2-seater. In 1955, it drastically outsold the Corvette by a ratio of 23-to-1. In 1957, Ford had made 21,380 of them!

This 1957 Thunderbird is one of the most intricately detailed replicas in the American Muscle lineup. It features a removable top with the popular “porthole” windows which were a factory option at no added cost. Under the hood is the upgraded 312 cu. in. motor with two 4-barrel carburetors. It’s painted in gorgeous Coral Sand rolling on classic wire wheels. The Thunderbird defined motoring of the 50s generation.

Auto World has replicated this beauty in two different hardtop factory color variations of black and gunmetal. We made 750 of the black version, and only 252 of the gunmetal version! Be sure to look for both!

  • Detailed Engine
  • Opening Doors & Hood
  • Removable Hardtop
  • Steerable Front Wheels
  • Accurate Interior & Chassis
  • Coral Sand with Black Roof
  • Limited to 750 pieces!