Americas Finest – X Traction – Release 21


# of Items/Case: 48
Item No: SC327

Every day they put their lives on the line. Every day they provide the protection that allows the rest of us to go about our daily lives without incident. They are America’s Finest, our Emergency responders. America’s men and women dedicated to serve and protect. These X-Traction cruisers will put you in hot pursuit: police code:10-80 of any other slot racers that just can’t seem to obey the speed limit. Or maybe you’ll receive a code 10-94 call…Street Racing, and need to preform a pit maneuver on the next turn, to help keep civility on your track. Either way, we put you “behind the wheel” as we proudly honor America’s Finest with our newest slot car assortment.

  • 1977 Dodge Monaco Boston Police
  • 1974 Dodge Monaco Chicago Fire Chief Car
  • 1977 Dodge Monaco Illinois State Police
  • 1974 Dodge Monaco New York State Police