Dirty Donny “Pinball Punk” Monster Figure (Resin)


# of Items/Case: 12
Item No: AMT997
UPC: 858388022356

Grab some quarters and head to the pinball arcade! Dirty Donny’s newest creepy creation, Pinball Punk, will be there, ready to “scare” a special! This hideous but hilarious two-headed (and four-armed) resin monster kit is fun-filled and includes awesome accessories: a custom AMT/Dirty Donny coin, a super skull pumpkin (to carry the Punk’s quarters) and a slice of gooey pizza! It even includes a custom pinball machine! Build and paint it any way you like, then add groovy graphics and iconic Dirty Donny designs from the super-sized decal sheet! Meet your “monster” today! Only from Dirty Donny and the Kats at AMT.


  • Two heads and four arms are better than one!
  • Over 8” tall
  • Fun resin monster model
  • Low parts count, easy to assemble
  • Accessories include custom coin, super skull pumpkin & pizza slice
  • Also includes matching size resin pinball machine
  • Super-sized decal sheet with artwork & graphics from Dirty Donny
  • Packaging by Dirty Donny