Stroker McGurk “Ghost of America”


# of Items/Case: 12
Item No: MPC866


That clever mascot from the early pages of HOT ROD magazine is back! After an unbelievable fifty-year absence, Stroker McGurk’s fanciful creation, the “Ghost of America” has returned to delight modelers! Is it a car? Is it an airplane? We’re not sure, but Stroker’s in the driver’s seat! It’s actually a bit of both: car meets airplane – a hilarious take on a salt flats “flyer.” It’s got a big Allison engine, wheels that look like airplane propellers and a wacky, winged body! It’s a total fun kit with customizing decals, vintage box art and more. It’s even made in the USA!

  • Skill 2, paint and cement required
  • Molded in crisp white plastic
  • Builds to over 11” long!
  • Full Stroker McGurk driver figure
  • Chrome wheels and radiator shell
  • Customizing decals
  • Vintage packaging
  • Bonus Stroker McGurk sticker included