American Muscle 1970 Plymouth Duster Hardtop (Hemmings Classic Car) 1:18 Scale Diecast

SKU: AMM1205

In 1970, Plymouth could credibly call its performance lineup “The Rapid Transit System,” and literally had a muscle machine in every size, from the Fury GT down through the Road Runner and GTX to the Barracuda. It was the year when the HEMI® and the 440 Six Pack ruled unchallenged on the street, and today these represent the most stunningly valuable Plymouth vehicles of all. Sales thundered past 725,000 units. This momentum wasn’t lost on the new Duster coupe. Based on the Valiant platform, its sporty new lines, and various trim levels, coupled with market-minded names like the Feather Duster, Gold Duster, Space Duster, and Twister Duster, it was a hot-selling winner for Chrysler right from the start.

As it appeared in the September 2007 issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine, we’ve replicated this Duster in Rallye Red and matching red interior. Fitted with a small block 340 and 4-speed transmission, it’s another great die-cast straight from the pages of Hemmings Classic Car Magazine.

  • Detailed Engine
  • Steerable Front Wheels
  • Accurate Interior and Chassis
  • Opening Doors and Hood