Hawk British Jetliner DeHavilland Comet 1:144 Scale Model Kit

SKU: HL512

The English De Havilland Comet is truly one of the world’s most beautiful aircraft. The Comet I was one of the world’s first commercial jet transports. The larger, more powerful Comet IVa sat 60 people with a cruising speed of 490 miles per hour. A full Comet IVa had a range of 2,730 miles and a cruising altitude of 42,000 feet.

This Hawk model kit celebrates the early days of commercial air travel. Originally released in 1959, the kit has been struck from its original molds. It features fine panel lines includes decals reminiscent of the airline of the era.

Kit Features:
  • 1st reissue of kit from 1959 with very crisp detail
  • Includes jet fuel truck, air conditioner truck & airport transport bus
  • The opening side allows a view of interior cabin and passengers
  • Full-color cardboard display base
  • One of the earliest airliners
  • Eye-catching packaging