Lindberg WWII US Navy Tanker 1:520 Scale Model Kit

SKU: HL438

Behind the great battleships and aircraft carriers of World War II was the bloodline of the U.S. Navy, the fleet oilers. This Kennebec-class Tanker could replenish ships at sea allowing fleets to operate at greater range. These ships could make almost 20 knots to enable them to refuel while underway and without stopping. A few of these tankers continue to fuel American in commercial service today. The plastic model kit is 12” long, includes a thread for rigging, and is molded in gray. It requires glue assembly and paint is suggested. A pictorial assembly guide is included.

Kit Features:
  • 1:520 scale, skill level 2
  • Molded-in gray
  • 12 inch long u.s. navy tanker
  • Includes a thread for rigging
  • Includes display base and updated decals